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Food that creates, celebrates and reflects our communities

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We will increase community participation through:

  • Celebrating our diverse local food cultures.
  • Ensuring residents have an opportunity to play an active role in shaping our food system.
  • Supporting local food champions to develop initiatives within their community.

Every person counts and makes up the mosaic that is the food system and experience in Arun & Chichester. Everyone should be able to access food which is culturally appropriate, fulfilling and enjoyable. Everyone should be able to actively shape our local food system.

Many people find sharing food and eating communally to be good for their wellbeing and happiness, creating a stronger community and feeling of inclusion. Especially for people who live alone, who may not feel motivated to cook meals from scratch or those who find the skills, time or expense of cooking to be deterrent, nutritious low-cost community meals can connect, nourish and help relieve financial pressures.

Arun District has large urban areas with diverse communities. According to the 2021 Census, Chichester District is the least densely populated of the South East’s 64 local authority areas. In both settings, local food champions play a large role in shaping the local food systems and developing initiatives which are appropriate to their local areas.

The Food Partnership conducted a survey in 2022 to determine local priorities (available here). Alongside the local groups and community leaders which we work with, we will work with initiatives to increase community participation and local initiatives which will improve and celebrate the diversity and richness of local food cultures. The grants which we provided through the Arun and Chichester Food Funds in 2023 will help to reach and support many small groups and individuals, helping to develop relationships which will grow in the future.

More information

Please visit our resources section for more information about our work. You can also get in touch if you have any questions or you would like to be involved in supporting our work.

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