Good Food Strategy

Food that is good for the planet

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We will be an area in which our food contributes to a sustainable planet by:

  • Developing more local food growing projects and increasing skills and confidence to grow-your-own.
  • Promoting sustainable farming practices.
  • Working with residents, businesses and other organisations to reduce their food waste, and where there is surplus, helping businesses to re-direct this to community groups or individuals.
  • Leading the commitment among local food businesses to sustainable practices.

The way food is produced, distributed and consumed plays a major role in the sustainability of our communities and our planet.

Headlines are full of stories about the environmental effects of intensive farming practices and the impact of a system that allows a third of all food produced to just go to waste, not to mention air miles, packaging and pesticides.

Large scale changes need to occur to reduce the food system’s impact on the environment. We want the local food system to work with nature, not against it, and therefore promote agroecological farming practices, eating less and better meat, and reducing food waste wherever we can along the food chain.

We want to get more people growing their own food, whether in their gardens or as part of a community project, and celebrate the joys of local, seasonal produce which Arun and Chichester has in abundance.

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